EPIPHINY will lower your data management costs, increase the quality of data analysis, and improve the efficiency of your environmental team.



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Developed with .NET framework for compatibility with other Microsoft products. Simple and flexible database structures utilizing XML data formats. Works with multiple database platforms: Access, SQL Server and MySQL databases. Multiple data connections within a single project. User log which tracks database changes and user actions.



Customizable buttons and graphical user interfaces. Shared resources and reusable templates. Autopilot feature to automate repetitive tasks. Options tabs for advanced features. User community with user oriented FAQs. Project and product level online updates. On-line new release alerts.


Data QA/QC

QA/QC routines before or after data import. Universal data checker. Generic valid value list management. Update query capability. Intelligent normalization routines. Chemical library/CAS management with alias matching. Orphan blank remover. Duplicates checking and removal. Resampling. Data inconsistency check and logic-based fix. User defined “nondetect” management based on detection limit. Calculation of parameters and records based on joined tables. Unit converter.

Data Analysis

Wizard for creating parameter, location, and time groups. Assignment of single report date for multiple date sampling events. Shortcut for choosing sample date range. SQL statement editor. Optional query configuration for multiple sort order of any field. Select query using include/exclude from any field. Query by sample depth, numeric or graphic result min and max. Query against regulatory limits. Query results management tool. Post analysis using multiple filters on query result. Save complex queries for reuse or routine tasks. Perform operations on query results to create new records.


Graphing & Reporting

Graphic Result value to handle high detection limits On-the-fly graphing with subset management. Toggle between single axis and stacked graphs. Save graph setup options and reuse with new data. Generic crosstab report generator (Multiple rows on header, multiple pages, conditional formats, multiple options with pivot data cell).

Data Import/Export

Import wizard for database population "from any format" Generic crosstab data handling. Error handling and Log. Automated routines for sensor data. Export to ESRI ArcGIS shapefile. Export to Sample Optimizer software. Export data that third party software can import.

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How It Works

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Import data from any source.

EPIPHINY users agree that the import tools are the most sophisticated on the market today - therefore, the payback on investment is very short. Anyone who has imported historic data into a database can attest to the repetition, formatting, and "cut and pasting" that this task requires.

Designed by environmental data professionals, the EPIPHINY import tool can "handshake" any data file to any other Electronic Data Dictionary (EDD). Moreover, the .NET architecture enables saving the import routine as a template for future use by anyone.

Moving data between software packages has never been easier!

Setup query criteria.

EPIPHINY's .NET architecture handles query-building requests very quickly. Based on over 10 years of development for the right screening capabilities, EPIPHINY enables the user to choose exactly the required data.

Screening on depths, regulatory limit, QA/QC, and any other field within your database makes the result customized to the user's request.

Sorting on any field within the database presents the query result in a pre-determined display for the user.

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Drag and drop.

Handle both regular and crosstab formats just by dragging and dropping column (field) names to match the desired export format.

Report management

Because exporting data is very easy, EPIPHINY does not attempt to recreate the functions of software packages built especially for reporting purposes.

The user can prepare tables of their query results and build complex crosstab tables using the RapidReport function.

Since EPIPHINY links directly to different software packages, many users import their data into EPIPHINY, use the query tools and export tools, then send the data to their favorite package for reporting.

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Pricing Options

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Single License


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  • 1 user
  • $1,000 Annual Maintenance
  • Includes 1 year maintenance

Group License


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  • 5 users
  • $3,750 Annual Maintenance
  • 6 hours technical support
  • Access to updates

Additional Support


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  • Training at our St. Paul, MN office



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